Press Release

Quantum Surgical receives €2 million from BpiFrance
for the development of its next-gen robotized platform


Press Release 

Quantum Surgical receives €2 million from BpiFrance for the development of its next-gen robotized platform


Montpellier, France, Tuesday, January 21, 2020 – Quantum Surgical, an innovative surgical robotics company, today announced that it has been awarded a “Deeptech” development grant by BpiFrance for the development of its robotized platform aiming to help in minimally invasive interventional radiology techniques.

This financing comes from BpiFrance’s “Deeptech” fund, which includes grants and a repayable advance. Its purpose is to help companies that carry out technological innovation projects labeled “Deeptech”, involving industrial research and/or experimental development work, to develop innovative products, processes or services with concrete industrialization and marketing prospects.

“We are very pleased with this new support from Bpifrance, who is assisting us in this new adventure. This funding will enable us to accelerate the development of our innovative platform helping both patients and surgeons,” explains Bertin Nahum, CEO, and co-founder of Quantum Surgical.

Quantum Surgical in a few words

Co-founded in 2017 by Bertin Nahum, Quantum Surgical is an innovative Robotic Surgery Start-up company based in France’s Montpellier region that is aiming is to conceive an innovative solution; a combination of powerful software and robotic platform for minimally invasive therapies in liver cancer. This platform combining robotics, image analytics, and artificial intelligence will allow more and more patients to benefit from safer interventional oncology procedures, especially in the case of early-stage liver cancers. The incidence of liver cancer in the population is, unfortunately, growing very rapidly. It is one of the most common cancers with more than 8000 new cases each year in France and 800 000 cases in the world.

Quantum Surgical
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