Press release

Historic intervention at Gustave Roussy Hospital: first liver metastases
treated with Quantum Surgical’s medical robot.


Press release 

Historic intervention at Gustave Roussy Hospital: first liver metastases
treated with Quantum Surgical’s medical robot


Montpellier, France, July 9, 2020 – Professor Thierry de Baere and his team from the therapeutic imaging department of Gustave Roussy Hospital successfully treated, on July 7, 2020, a patient with liver metastases using Quantum Surgical’s medical robot.

This successful intervention opens new perspectives for the treatment of patients with hepatic metastases (caused by cancers other than liver cancer) with the guidance of Quantum Surgical’s medical robot.

Indeed, while liver cancer affects more than 800,000 new patients each year worldwide (1), liver metastases affect three times as many patients (2.4 million new patients each year worldwide (1)).

Quantum Surgical’s device; a combination of powerful software and robotic platform, is designed to assist the physician in performing safer, more efficient and less invasive oncology treatments.

It is a “made in France” robotic platform, developed, designed and produced in Montpellier by Quantum Surgical, an innovative company co-founded and directed by Bertin Nahum, an experienced entrepreneur in medical robotics.

“Once its safety and performance on both primary liver tumors and liver metastases have been confirmed in the clinical trial, the device may prove to be a valuable aid in increasing the accuracy and widely disseminate less invasive percutaneous tumor destruction treatments for patients,” explains Professor Thierry De Baere, Head of the therapeutic Imaging Department at Gustave Roussy Hospital.

“It is a pleasure and an honor to work with a French Top-Tier Hospital to expand our indications and allow more and more patients to benefit from robotic assistance for minimally invasive procedures,” announces Bertin NAHUM, President and Founder of Quantum Surgical.

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About Gustave Roussy:
Gustave Roussy is the premier European Cancer Centre. It is a centre for patient care, research and teaching, and patients with all types of cancer can be treated there. It places innovation at the heart of a human, scientific and technological revolution in the fight against cancer.
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Quantum Surgical in a few words:
Co-founded in 2017 by Bertin Nahum, Quantum Surgical is an innovative surgical robotic company based in Montpellier (France). Quantum Surgical’s robotic solution is a combination of powerful software and robotic platform for minimally invasive therapies in liver cancer. This platform combining robotics, image analytics, and artificial intelligence will allow more and more patients to benefit from safer interventional oncology procedures, especially in the case of early-stage liver cancers. The incidence of liver cancer in the population is, unfortunately, growing very rapidly. Liver cancer is one of the most common cancers with more than 800 000 cases each year in the world. Quantum Surgical is backed by leading global life science investment fund Ally Bridge Group since inception.
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