Press release

Quantum Surgical Completes First Clinical Study with Epione® Medical Robot


Press release 

Quantum Surgical Completes First Clinical Study with Epione® Medical Robot



Montpellier, France, Tuesday February 16, 2021 – Quantum Surgical, an innovative surgical robotic company, announced today that it has completed a first multicenter clinical study with its Epione® medical robot dedicated to minimally invasive liver cancer treatment.

The Epione® platform is designed to assist the physician in performing safer and more efficient percutaneous ablations in the liver (a minimally invasive treatment in which a needle is inserted through the skin to the lesion to burn it).

Professor Thierry DE BAERE, Professor Boris GUIU, and their respective teams successfully treated 21 patients with the assistance of Epione® in this clinical trial carried out at Gustave Roussy Cancer Center (Villejuif, France) and at Montpellier University Hospital (Montpellier, France).

During these interventions, 24 liver tumors, whether they were primary (from the liver) or metastatic (from another organ) were successfully targeted and destroyed and furthermore the postoperative exams revealed no complications.

“The 21 patients treated by three physicians at Gustave Roussy and one physician at Montpellier University Hospital were able to benefit from an innovative robotic guidance platform assisting in CT-guided percutaneous tumor destruction treatments. These patients were efficiently treated, pending definitive results which seem encouraging” explains Professor Thierry DE BAERE, Head of the Therapeutic Imaging Department at Gustave Roussy Cancer Center and Professor Boris GUIU, Head of the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of Saint Eloi-Montpellier University Hospital.

“The completion of this first clinical trial is a key milestone to Epione’s® premarket approval” announces Bertin NAHUM, President and Founder of Quantum Surgical.


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Co-founded in 2017 in Montpellier by Bertin Nahum, Quantum Surgical is an innovative medical robotic company developing a unique solution dedicated to minimally invasive liver cancer treatment. Liver cancer is the second most common and fatal cancer, affecting 840,000 new patients each year worldwide. Hepatic metastases affect three times as many patients (2,4 million new patients each year worldwide).
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