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Join a team of creative and energetic individuals to re-imagine the future of surgery with groundbreaking robotics, advanced instrumentation, enterprise platform, artificial intelligence and much more!

We are looking for talented and dedicated colleagues with a passion for both innovation and technologies. In an aim to build together the next generation of smart tools for minimally invasive therapies in our newly designed headquarters.

Leaders across the fields of science, technology, engineering and medicine have all joined our team for one reason: to use their talent to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. This shared belief helps give our team a sense of common purpose and builds camaraderie that makes our journey together its own reward.

“We don’t just work for ourselves, we work for the patient”.

Gender Equality Index Indicators
  • Gender pay gap: 36/40
  • Difference between women and men in the rate of pay increases: 35/35
  • Percentage of female employees receiving a raise in the year following their return from maternity leave: N/A
  • Number of employees of the under-represented gender in the 10 highest paid: 5/10

Life at Quantum Surgical

Innovation, Team Spirit and the ability to Deliver are the company’s values fulfilled every day by our team-members.

We encourage and foster diversity. We think it generate better results, personal development and growth.

Events are organized all year round: afterworks, annual team buildings, lifestyle evenings to discover the cultural backgrounds of our colleagues and many more!

Also, our team is regularly engaged in charity-related sporting events against cancer or other causes.

The gender equality index 2020 is 89/100 for Quantum Surgical SAS. The index result is the consequence of a constant company compensation policy. Thus encouraging us to both pursue and increase our pay equity policy. Quantum Surgical’s salary policy is based on 3 criteria: qualifications, responsabilities in the position held and external remuneration markets. It also includes a bonus on the achievement of objectives.

Work at Quantum Surgical 

What our employees say

“I think in a company, people stay motivated if they believe they are making a GOOD product: innovative/revolutionary/useful. Here at Quantum, it is the case and it shows.

We have a great working environment, teams are dynamic and talented. I get to learn a lot from my colleagues.

Quantum Surgical has provided me an excellent platform to learn & grow and I am very happy to be part of it!”


R&D - Program Manager

“It has been almost 2 years since I joined Quantum Surgical, and I am still as satisfied and enthusiastic as when I arrived.

Quantum Surgical offers a pleasant work environment and provides its employees with all the necessary resources to achieve motivating and ambitious goals.

I found everything I was looking for at Quantum Surgical: a positive work environment, talented people and teams dedicated to developing innovative solutions for the benefit of patients and end-users.”

Stéphane AMALFI

R&D - System Engineering Manager

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