Our Mission

Provide the next-gen robotized platform enabling

advanced percutaneous therapy for cancer care

Our mission

Democratize minimally invasive liver cancer treatment 

Early cancer detection combined with advanced therapies opens new hope for millions of patients.

We believe that Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Imaging Analytics will allow more and more patients to benefit from safer interventional oncology procedures.

Our end-to-end solution will empower physicians along patient’s continuum of care, including pre-operative planning, intra-operative ablation treatment and post-operative care.


Our vision

Improving patient outcomes with minimally invasive procedures which growth is driven by earlier detection of cancer, a strong demand from patients and a perfect fit into value-based healthcare.

Our approach

The robotic solution will enable physicians to better plan, treat and assess conditions.

Main benefits of minimally invasive surgery

Less blood loss during surgery

Less damage to skin, muscles, and tissue

Faster recovery time

Less pain

Lower risk of infection

Smaller, less visible scars

Precision in performance

Liver Cancer Facts

9.6 million


caused by cancer in 2018

840 000

new patients

diagnosed annually with liver cancer

3 times

more common

for men than for women

4th most


cause of cancer death worldwide

41 851

new cases 

of liver cancer each year in the United States

50 %

of new cases

 in China

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